Aisle Seat

1 minute read

Imagine you booked a window seat on a flight. You board the airplane and walk to the row of your seat.

The fit-looking people who booked middle and aisle seats on the same row are already there.

You point at the window seat and tell them you’ve to get in. They push themselves further back into their seats and move their legs to the side by a bit to make some room for you to pass.

You look at the room created and know that it’s not enough space to pass comfortably. You politely ask them to step out so that you can get into your seat easily. And you get some annoyed looks!

How much effort does it take for seemingly healthy people to step out and not make others uncomfortable? How much effort does it take to understand even after being told?

It’s true that most humans don’t realise many things till they’re told or they experience it. And if people still don’t understand when told, the least they could do is show some respect.

I have always preferred the aisle seat while traveling even though I do not have long legs. I always believed my reason for taking the aisle seat and not the window was that I did not want to disturb the folk on other seats if I had to get up in between my travel.

But a lot of humans have some selfishness playing a part in their lives without them being aware.

It is only now that I realised my subconscious reason for it was not the generous one of ‘not disturbing others’ but the more self-centred one about avoiding uncomfortable situations.



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