I’m a woman

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I’m a woman…

When I at 12, realise after getting off a crowded local train that something I felt around my bosoms was a man’s hand and wonder why I understand these things a little too late, I’m a woman!

When I at 17 years of age, almost 10 years after the incident, realise that the man who took his penis out when we young girls were playing was actually masturbating looking at us and feel disgusted about it, I’m a woman!

When I at 21 choose to drive a car with flat tyre for over 10 kms because I fear stopping on a highway at 12 in the night even though I’m accompanied by another man, I’m a woman!

When I at 24 see a man on bike ride away after patting the back of a random unsuspecting young girl on street, and I, recovering from shock, feel upset about not being able to do anything, I’m a woman!

When I at 26, try to check into a hotel and the men at reception worry I’d be a prostitute and not a solo traveller, I’m a woman!

When I at 26, choose to not take help from a nearby policeman to get rid of a man following me because I fear I’ll be victimised, I’m a woman!

When I’m constantly told to not get into fights with men who eve tease and instead walk away to a safe place without reacting because they might come back to rape or throw acid, I’m a woman!

I wish the world was a better place. I wish none of this had happened not just to me but to any other woman. I hope such things don’t happen in the future. Because.. No not because we’re women, not because we’re sisters, daughters, mothers, partners or friends but because we’re also humans!



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